Get free hardlinks from adult/porn websites from all over the world. That’s right, no need to buy backlinks. This website will show you how so you can save a lot of money. Improve your websites search engine optimization (SEO), get ranking higher on Google and get more traffic!

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List Your Site On Link Lists

Start by listing your site/s on every one of these porn link lists. Some will list your site for free and others will ask for either a link back or for payment. Decide which options/links suit your needs/budget.

Build Your Social Profile/Social Fortress

This involves joining sites like Twitter and setting up a profile for your adult site. You can add some links in the bio sections to various sections of your site. You can also join sites like Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit and Facebook but with these you probably can’t link out. You will have to be a bit more sneaky with how you promote on those so you don’t get banned from them. Maybe just add a few SFW images and user your sites name as the username. That way when someone searches for your site name in Google you will dominate first page. Here is a guide on how to setup a Reddit profile.

Find Some Good Offers On Seo Clerks

Check out for some of their offerings. Don’t just focus on metrics like DA and PA as these can be faked. Ask the member for the sites list that you will be purchasing links from and each up to make sure they get traffic and have some high quality links to the sites themselves.

They have orders that can be as low as $1 so they can be great to power up your lower tier pages. For example you create a web2.0 that links to your money site and you power up the web2.0 using seoclerks package links.

Trade Links With Other Adult Sites

To do this you can contact sites directly and hope they respond. There are also lots of adult webmasters on the Go Fuck Yourself (GFY forum). You can contact them and ask to trade links. This should only be done once your site has some traffic and authority. If you don’t then another option is to offer to purchase links from those sites. The easiest way is to ask a few webmasters “how much for a link to”. Make sure the link is do-follow and confirm the location.

This can be for example $100 a month for a homepage sitewide link. If this meets your budget then ask them for payment methods. If you can meet payment then ask them to place link and you will then pay asap. Make sure you also see the link placed and check it before you make payment. There are too many scammers in every industry and a common scam is to offer links to sites the scammer don’t even own or control.

Common payment methods in the adult industry are Paxum and crypto (BTC, ETH etc). Try stay away from PayPal as you will risk getting your account banned.

Get Forum Links

You can join sites like and add your links to your profile’s signature. That way each time you post on the forum you will have more chances to get traffic. Often these links may not be do-follow but at least you will get traffic from adult niche users.

Offer To Write Blog Posts

Some adult sites will have blog sections. You can offer webmasters of these sites to write something that will suit their niche/audience. Some sites will charge and others will offer free blog posts, as they will get an increase in traffic if you provide them with a high quality post that ends up ranking well in Google. Your negotiation skills are important for this otherwise just offer to purchase a blog post. Decide on number of do-follow links, if they will let you link to your site and what sort of post they would like you to prepare, for example, the top 5 paid porn sites or the best 10 anal porn sites.

Purchase From Chris Palmer Marketing

We first discovered his YouTube channel years ago and have recently been purchasing some of his services and getting great results from them. If you go here you can see what links and SEO he has to offer. A lot of his services are not for XXX but you can build a website (tier 2) in between your XXX site and purchase links and SEO from him and point it to your in between site. He offers content writing too so this can be used to grow your blog or to do guest posts for other sites and get links back to your sites.

Purchase Links From SirLinksAlot

One of the best link vendors we have found lately is Sir Links Alot. They were recommended by one of the top names in the SEO industry to us and we have found their link packages to really work. Their guest posts with traffic really move the SEO needle. Check out their adult backlink offerings here.

Do NOT do these things to get backlinks:

Do not user Fiverr unless you are experienced as there are some good links on there but a lot of the listings are pure junk and will damage your website.

Do not buy from “we sell adult backlink packages” websites.

Do not buy from someone selling “adult pbn’s”.

Do not buy from anyone offering thousands or millions of links. If you do these should be pointing to tier 2 or tier 3. Tier 2 for example is a Blogspot page or site you have created that then links to your adult site. Never send these poor quality links directly to your adult site otherwise you will risk getting a Google penalty.